white privilege

"I don’t think there’s a privilege to being white on its own," the minister said.
Twelve MPs from the "Common Sense Group" called for a Charity Commission investigation over a blog post on white privilege.
Report says universities "perpetuate institutional racism" and calls on governing bodies to make meaningful change.
Kemi Badenoch said teachers presenting white privilege as fact are breaking the law.
Racist theology is deeply embedded in the DNA of white Christian churches, influencing even their theology on salvation, PRRI founder Robert Jones argues in a new book.
My call to action challenges white professionals to lean into discomfort and bring about change.
I’ve learned that most white people are not interested in having honest conversations about race.
His unwillingness to acknowledge how the issue of race could affect our future was damning.
In a racist incident gone viral, Amy Cooper called the police on Christian Cooper, claiming there was “an African American man threatening my life”.
The woman is heard saying she would tell police "there’s an African American man threatening my life."