white supremacy

Joe Flood revealed the insult that really got in the head of a Patriot Front speaker in Washington.
“I say it wherever I go,” the president told the crowd.
A Telegram group called Dissident Homeschool has been a resource for neo-Nazis who want to teach their kids hate at home. Now its administrators have been unmasked.
Racism still infects every pore of this country, writes Saira Rao.
And possibly advancing the cause of racial justice.
The Trump presidency was just as dark as his 2017 inaugural speech.
To suggest pro-Trump Capitol riots don't "represent who we are” ignores the long history of white supremacy, racial violence and retaliation in this country.
A mob loyal to Donald Trump stormed the seat of US democracy, yet more arrests were made in peaceful anti-racist protests over the summer.
The senator recently disavowed a photo of her with a former KKK leader, but she’s repeatedly aligned herself with racists and far-right supporters.
A chilling report on the massacre is an indictment of institutional Islamophobia — in New Zealand and Silicon Valley — that led to 51 deaths.