The experts said focus is "flagging" when it comes to managing future diseases.
The new Covid variant was only formally identified by the WHO on Saturday.
"We take the scientific advice very seriously," the deputy prime minister promised.
Pub bosses say many venues will close if the UK does not adopt the 1m rule endorsed by the WHO when lockdown is lifted.
Drawing the ire of President Trump has brought the World Health Organisation back into the public glare. But what exactly is the health body and how are they important in circumstances like the coronavirus pandemic?
The World Health Organisation has weighed in on the problem of online gaming addiction.
The WHO says no new cases have been reported in Madagascar since October.
SA is one of nine countries on high alert due to its trade and travel links with the country.
Mugabe's goodwill ambassador role was met with shock and condemnation.
Recently, Australia had the dubious honour of being labelled the 'nanny state capital of the world.' While places around