Will Self

"Will Self looks like he'd rather be dead than be hearing Mark Francois."
Question Time returned to our screens on Thursday evening after ten long weeks away. Not that you would have noticed though
Author Will Self has damned the three senior Tory ministers leading the UK’s Brexit talks, arguing: “No wonder the Europeans
Author Will Self has dismissed Donald Trump and Nigel Farage as being “great statesmen”, saying instead the pair are “grubby
Freedom of speech, that most elusive subject. Lately it has been a very contentious topic. The murders of Charlie Hebdo journalists
Whether it be the Pope or a media commentator - we must avoid capitalising on a terrorist incident to vocalise our opinion on these cartoons and society's attitude towards religious beliefs.
On Monday's Newsnight , author Will Self talked to Jeremy Paxman about heroin addiction in the wake of fresh details about