windfall tax

The PM used to be against a levy on their bumper profits, but now needs the cash to fill a £50 billion black hole.
Energy giants are already taxed on their profits, but critics say it's not enough.
It is yet another humiliating climbdown for the embattled prime minister.
Liz Truss has ruled out bringing in a further levy in the UK.
"Every single penny that is needed for this plan will go directly to reducing the bills of families up and down the country."
The chancellor caved in to mounting pressure over the cost of living crisis by announcing a windfall tax on oil and gas firms.
Rishi Sunak is set to lead yet another government U-turn on Thursday, this time on a tax on oil and gas companies' profits.
Ministers and MPs have been sending out contradictory messages on whether the Tories back a one-off levy on oil and gas firms' bumper profits.
Ex-Treasury minister Jesse Norman says current arguments against one-off levy on energy firms are "very weak".