An internal report blames crossed wires for the claim that cost her her job.
I never thought that I was anything other than British. How do you compensate me for missed opportunities with my kids? Or not being there for my dying mother?
Before the scandal, I'd never heard the term – even though it refers to my own history.
“No amount of money could ever fully compensate for what's happened to me.”
The fact this date will pass by without registering on most people’s social or cultural radar is an indication that more needs to be done to recognise its significance
The Home Office said this would help avoid 'excessively high payments'.
The heteronormativity of the Windrush scandal left out heroes like Ivor Cummings
With Universal Credit, the Windrush scandal and Brexit, the government can ill afford a mass walkout of its own hardworking staff
Home secretary calls for more 'personal' approach to immigration.