Foreign secretary says West must be 'blunt' about threat from Moscow.
A video encouraging people to "get" the teenagers responsible has been shared 60,000 times.
“He’s got 99 problems and witches ain’t one.”
Eight months ago, my cat Star died unexpectedly. The unexpected grief I felt was devastating. His death came as everything else in my life began to come right. He had arrived 11 years earlier when it was all going wrong. A beautiful cat, he came to live with me and my daughter at really difficult time for us both.
Though the hit-and-run took place a few years ago, I am still haunted by the thought of both boys, of their mothers trying to learn the real truth, even as their children were transformed into characters in an ongoing gossip-fuelled narrative, their humanity disappearing as their bleak shared story took on a life of its own.
As Halloween approaches, the "seasonal" aisle of the supermarket - which now seems to be a permanent rather than an occasional feature - fills with shiny black and purple dresses, spangly wands and orange pumpkin-shaped masks, candles and cakes. Shoppers scuttle past dragging small children and muttering about consumerism and Americanisation.
It is time to wake up. In different ways many of us have done it, uttered sweeping, dangerous slurs - the "don't be gay" type comment is one I have heard unchallenged far too often. But it is the urgent responsibility of each of us, right now, to be precise about what speech we employ...
Many in the British Muslim community genuinely feel they often come 'under siege' by the right wing media, and are not helped by our political class. The protracted sensational depiction of the Birmingham 'Trojan Horse' concern, widely believed to be fake, has aggravated the situation further in the last few months.
The Department for education (DfE) appears to have made a mess on the alleged Birmingham 'Trojan Horse' plot to take over
A Ugandan tabloid has published what it is terming a list of the “200 top homos” just a day after the country’s president
There is in my view an increasing argument to allow the accused to remain anonymous just like their accusers, at least until after they have been found guilty or cleared of wrongdoing. There is also an increasing case that says the internet must be policed and offenders who are deliberate spreading lies brought to book.
The rounding up of hundreds of women in Athens followed by the parading of the photographs of 30 'HIV-infected prostitutes' in May last year had all the hallmarks of a politically-orchestrated campaign.
Former children's minister Tim Loughton has said the real issue of child abuse is being detracted from by a "witch hunt around
Charlie Brooker has written a poem about The Sun. Reading it out on last night's 10 O'Clock Live show on Channel 4, many