The actor joked he was "more magician than Wolverine" in the old footage.
There was something fun and simple about the 1990s.
He assaulted the teen at a 2003 yacht party, a lawsuit says.
The controversial director outed Page in front of the cast and crew, she writes in a powerful post.
Chemists in the US have developed a self-healing material that could consign cracked phone screens to history. Inspired by
The overall tone of the series isn't at all what I had initially expected. There is a wonderful X-Men vibe in Legion as well as a very dark and creepy tone.
A friend of mine was recently worrying about his 14 year-old son wanting to go and see Logan, and the growing realisation
Kelly's family are trying to raise more than £1 million for pioneering treatment.
A teenage girl with an aggressive form of cancer is one step closer to receiving life-saving surgery thanks to a huge donation