Even after the Village People asked him to stop using their song, Trump did anyway in a scene people called "surreal" and like a "fever dream."
"We have asked him to stop playing our music at his rallies," Village People singer Victor Willis said.
Refuges may 'close their doors forever' if changes are made, the YMCA has said.
While YMCA recognises the ideological premise behind the removal of automatic housing support for some young people with exemptions, it can only have the impact the Government desires with major policy change. That is why we are calling on the Government to take immediate action to address the failings in the policy.
It is beyond doubt that for young people in this country today, who are caught up in an increasingly celebrity-idealised culture with 24-7 social media connectivity, that the impact of body image anxiety is incredibly worrying.
Today, the Be Real Campaign for body confidence releases its Body Image Pledge. Aimed at the media, music, fashion and advertising industries, it stands up for men and women who for years have said they want to see pictures on TV, in adverts and in magazines that, put simply, look like they do.
Research by the YMCA has found that stigma is stopping many young people from seeking the help they need.
More than half of young people who experience stigma due to mental health problems say their own friends are the ones who
Creating this would enable early intervention mental health services to, in effect, start even earlier, reducing the huge negative impacts mental health difficulties can have on young people.
The increasing prevalence of legal highs use among young people represents a fundamental change in the UK drug scene, a change that the Government must realise cannot be solved by a ban alone.