yvette cooper

The Labour MP accused the Tories of chasing “flimflam headlines”.
“Those who cause the mess will clean up the mess," Steve Reed said.
The Labour MP channelled Tony Blair in her speech and slammed the Tory "chaos".
The senior Labour MP said the actions of the police were “very unusual”.
The Labour frontbenchers have been appointed as the new co-chairs of the "Rose Network".
Yvette Cooper said it was further evidence of "appalling failures" in the police.
Labour's Yvette Cooper says there were just three convictions a month for people smuggling in the first half of this year.
He suggested a new identity scheme was being looked at “very, very carefully indeed”.
"Nothing would surprise us at the moment because this is total chaos," the Labour MP said.
Home secretary and Labour opponent clash over the true definition of "coalition of chaos".