23 October 2014

Why Arming the Kurds Is the Only Option - Even for Anti-War Progressives in the West

Isis Iraq Militia ALI AL-SAADI via Getty Images

It isn't a contradiction to be anti-war and left-wing at the same time as being pro-Kurd and in favour of arming the Kurds. I have been a long-standing opponent of western military interventions in the Muslim-majority world, almost all of which - from Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 to Libya in 2011 - have resulted in civilian bloodshed and terrorist blowback. But I'm not a pacifist.

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Ukip To Romp To Victory At Rochester By-Election

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Unions In Uproar As Hunt Mulls Privatising Another NHS Service

WPA Pool via Getty Images

MEP Who Quit Ukip Group Attacks 'Rude' Farage

Wiktor Dabkowski/DPA

Five Other 'Norman Tebbit Suggestions' For Dealing With Neets

PA/PA Archive

Lod Tebbit Wants To Force Unemployed People To Pick Weeds

PA/PA Archive

Man Tries To Throw Marbles At MPs During PMQs

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The Daily Mash's Top 10 Headlines This Year (So Far)

This May Be The Most Confused Question In British Politics


Charge Snowden With Murder, Says Senior US Congressman


Got A Mortgage? Carney Definitely Won't Ruin Your Christmas...

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Terrorist Drones Could Bomb The UK 'Within 20 Years'

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Terrorist Drones Could Bomb The UK 'Within 20 Years'

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Top Gear Number Plate Row Just Shifted Gear


Nigel Farage Gives Ukip Calypso His Unwavering Support

Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Tommy Robinson Won't Be Speaking At Oxford Union For One Crucial Reason


Farage Defends Striking Deal With MEP Who Joked About Hitting Women

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Cameron 'Pandering To Ukip' With Controversial New Peer

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images
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John Giles/PA Wire