27 April 2015

Why Renting Policies Fuel the Fire Between Landlords and Tenants, and Why It Won't End

While big, bold and potential vote-winning policies like rent capping and lengthy tenancies sound great for tenants, they scare the living daylights out of landlords - the majority of which have just a single property, make a modest return and do a good job.

Tories Accused Of Hyperbole In Latest SNP Claim

ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images

The Greatest Ever Comedy Speech By A Politician? Right This Way...

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David Cameron Just Suffered A Pretty Major Brain Fart


David Cameron Is Keeping Schtum On Boris' Chances At Tory Leadership


Miliband To Axe Stamp Duty For First-Time Buyers Up To £300,000

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Ed Miliband Warns Of 'Stealth Privatisation' Of Healthcare Under The Tories

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Nick Clegg Rules Out 'Life Support' From SNP

Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Here's Why The Ukip Election Campaign Got Off To A Ropey Start

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Ross Kemp On Thanet

Politicians Spin HSBC's Threat To Quit UK


Minister Claims Children With Gay Parents 'More Likely To Be Abused'... And Doesn't Lose Job

Julien Behal/PA Archive

Nothing Says 'Awkward' More Than Osborne Holding The Flag Of St George

The Sun

This Hindi Song About David Cameron Is Really Happy


Sturgeon Says Cameron's English Manifesto Is Breach Of Scotland Promises

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Forget May 7 - Here's Who's Winning The #Selfie Election


Now David Cameron Shares His Surprise Choice To Be Next James Bond


Politicians Are Pledging To Expand Talking Therapy, Just Like They Did 5 Years Ago

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Labour Dips In Polls But Sturgeon Ready To Prop Up Miliband Government

Danny Lawson/PA Wire
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The Guardian Is Still P***ed Off That It Was 'Banned' From Cameron's Nursery Trip

Louise Ridley

Miliband Called Out For 'Outrageous And Disgraceful' Migrant Deaths Speech

Argiris Mantikos/AP

Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman Guilty Of Electoral Fraud

David Parry/PA Wire

Ed Miliband Insists 'One Direction (And His Wife) 'Have Nothing To Fear' From #Milifandom


Ukip Lays Down Stricts Terms For St George To Migrate To Britain

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Obama Takes 'Full Responsibility' For Strikes That Killed Western Hostages


Why We Must 'Explore' Overhauling Britain's Electoral System - By Ex-Civil Service Chief

Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore

Watch David Cameron Tell Labour To 'Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine'


David Cameron Goes On 'Britain's Got Talent', Doesn't Fare Well

Get Out Of The Way, David Cameron Is 'PUMPED'

TOBY MELVILLE via Getty Images

Shock As 5,000 Tory Voters Say They're Voting Tory, In Letter Organised By Tories

The Daily Telegraph

Australian Sport Presenter Sacked For 'Despicable' Anzac Day Tweets

Scott McIntyre/Twitter