28 November 2014

For All the Bluff and Bluster, This Government Hasn't Honoured Its Promises on Immigration

Sticking to a net migration target that means nothing is simply not the way forward. We need a government who will make promises it can keep and ensure that we remain a key player in the world to help us create the jobs of the future. David Cameron has shown again today why his government will not and cannot do that.

Andrew Mitchell Loses 'Plebgate' Libel Action

Andrew Mitchell
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

John Cleese & Bill Maher Debate Political Correctness, Muse 'You Can't Make Jokes About Muslims, They'll Kill You'

YouTube/ HBO

Ministers Urged Not To Give Branson Another UK Rail Line

PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

10 Desperate Ways The Tories Have Tried To Cut Migration


The Liberal Zionist Smeared As An 'Employee Of Hamas' For Being Anti-Netanyahu

Ex-Minister Urges Cameron To 'Move On' From Immigration After Speech

David Jones/PA Archive

Tory MP Has Some Explaining To Do After Embarrassing Porn Favouriting (Graphic Content)


Labour Attacks 'Highly Offensive' Daily Express

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ukip Woos Potential Tory Defectors, Says They Don't Need By-Election

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Al Murray Explains Why Our Current Political Parties Are "A Joke"


'Autumn Statement? I'm Scared About Grade 4 Piano'

Amy T. Zielinski via Getty Images

Dave's Big Migration Promise Is Now 'Dead And Buried'


Cameron Tries To Out-Ukip Ukip With Big EU Migration Move

BBC News

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets


EU Parliament Chief Backs Miliband For PM In Snub For 'Strange' Cameron


Fire Alarm Interrupts Cameron's Big Immigration Speech


London Tories Attack Celeb 'X Factor' Contest To Find Next Mayor

Suhaimi Abdullah via Getty Images

Cameron 'Muscled His Way In' To Selfie With Obama

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Stephen Kinnock: Can He Complete the Journey His Father Started?

REX Features

Labour Must Do Better Than A 'Dodgy 0-1 Away Win', Says Cruddas

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images