29 May 2015

To Stop This Government's Worst Instincts, Progressives Must Work Together

Britain is under attack. The Government is waging war on those who need support, taking out our hard won workplace rights and removing our right to privacy. But, in the face of such an assault, it's vital we fight back. Progressives both inside and outside of parliament must work together to defeat these latest proposals and, crucially, start our own radical democratic offensive. I have no doubt that MPs from across the political spectrum share my commitment to building a fairer greener future - it's time we put our differences aside and work together to that end.

Sturgeon Lambasts Scotland Bill Over Westminster's Ability To Veto

Rob Stothard via Getty Images

George Galloway Makes A Big Announcement In The Most Bizarre Way


Sellers Of 'Legal Highs' Could Face Seven Years In Prison As Crackdown Begins

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Yvette Cooper Coming Through The Middle? Now Ahead In MP Endorsements

Laura Lean/PA Wire

Britain Considers 'Nuclear Option' Amid Fifa Probe


Election Loss Wasn't Ed Miliband's Fault, Insists Ex-Party Spinner


Frightening Moment Ukip MP Was Ambushed By 'Murderous Lynch Mob'

Matt Dunham/AP

David Dimbleby's Scottish Accent? Not So Much


Tony Blair Resigns As Middle East Peace Envoy: The Funniest Twitter Reactions


Blair Quits -- Here Are Five Jobs He Could Do Next

EU Referendum Question Has Pro-EU Bias, Complains Nigel Farage

Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

David Miliband Reminds Everyone He Knows 'How To Win Elections'


Ukip Peer Asks If Government Will Back A ‘Draw Mohammed' Contest

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Looks Like Getting To Work Is Going To Be Rather Tricky On Thursday

David Cheskin/PA Wire

Watch David Cameron Ask Angela Merkel To Ban Football Penalty Shootouts


Think Andy Burnham's The 'Left-Wing' Labour Leader Candidate? Think Again

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Don't Read This If You're About To Eat Shop-Bought Chicken...


The Liberal Democrat Leadership Battle Of The Bands

PA/PA Wire

Tony Blair Quits Middle East Peace Envoy Role

Ian Forsyth via Getty Images
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Sound Like A Labour Leadership Candidate With Our Soundbite Generator

The Tories' Online Snooping Proposals Have Got A Lot Of Experts Worried

Oli Scarff/PA Archive

Honour Guard Passes Out While Escorting The Queen - A Year After Page Boy Faints

REX Features

A Giant Bird Just Flew Into No.10 Downing Street

Ramsay Jones/Twitter

Guess Which Party Will Lose Most From The Queen's Speech Crackdown On Union Funding?

LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Former MP Avoids Jail Over Teen Assaults, As Court Hears Of His 'Drink Problem'

John Stillwell/PA Wire

35 MPs Who Want To Be Select Committee Chairs

PA/PA Archive