31 October 2014

Our Prohibitionist Drugs Policy Isn't Working

The case for reform grows stronger by the day, as does public support for a rethink. We need to be bold and courageous to follow the evidence and put an end to the prohibitionist approach which has repeatedly and invariably failed us all.

Farage Takes On Frankie Boyle And Loses, Predictably

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Back Same Sex Marriage? This Gay Ukip MEP Thinks You're An 'Equality Nazi'

ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images

Tory MP Under Fire For His Attack On A Local Clothes Bank

PA Wire/PA Archive

Nigel Farage Is Set To Enter Downing Street...

REX Features

Britain First Have Just Made Things Even More Awkward For Nigel Farage


Tony Blair Is Annoyed People Are Ignoring Him

John Stillwell/PA Wire

Thatcher's Defence Secretary Voted Ukip In May's EU Elections


Equalities Minister Has 'Changed Her Mind' On Same-Sex Marriage


Turns Out All That Stuff About Harsh Punishments Stopping Drug Use Is Rubbish

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Ukip Accuse Tories Of Being Too Extreme With Latest Immigration Talk

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

MP Confuses 55-Year-Old Dancer With Mario Balotelli

PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

Ukip Voters Are 'Darkly Pessimistic' About Their Lives


Iraq War Helped SNP Win, Says Scottish Labour Deputy Leader

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Britain Can Not Control Immigration, Says Tory Minister

Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Ed Is Really Keen To End The Row Over 'Branch Office' Scotland

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Criminal Huhne Loses Challenge Against Paying Own Prosecution Costs

AFP via Getty Images

Harriet Harman Targets Cameron With Feminist T-Shirt In PMQs

PA/PA Wire

Labour May Not Get 'Full Mandate' In 2015, Says Shadow Cabinet Minister

David Levenson via Getty Images
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Equalities Minister Who Voted Against Gay Marriage Has Changed Her Mind

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Extraordinary Number Of Asylum Seekers Wait Years To Learn Their Fate

Steve Parsons/PA Archive