20 December 2014

Benchmarking Business Ethics

For decades, a company's performance has been measured almost exclusively in economic terms. Social and environmental issues such as health and safety in garment factories in Bangladesh, the use of conflict minerals in our mobiles, the privacy policies of internet service providers or forced labour on our doorstep have been seen as immaterial to how a company should be valued and how investors should assess performance. This is finally - and thankfully - changing.

Alex Salmond Is Having A Change Of Heart Over Scottish Votes For English Laws

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The Immigration Rhetoric Arms Race Continues...

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2014: The Year In (Funny) Pictures


Tories And Ukip Enraged That This Woman Can Come To UK With No Visa


Ukip's Swedish EU Allies Accused Of Antisemitism


Nigel Farage And Alan Partridge Could Be The Same Person

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Tommy Robinson To Support Ukip At Next Election, Hints At Private Discussions

Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

Ukip MP Mark Reckless Wants You To Pay His Legal Fees

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

David Cameron Nearly Got Asbestos For Christmas

Talk Fracking

Al-Megrahi Was Lockerbie Bomber, Says Scotland's Top Prosecutor

Scott Heppell/AP

The Apprentice 2015: Guess Who Next Year's Contestants Are?

Putin Blames West For Trying To 'Defang' Russian Bear In Emotional Christmas News Conference


Tories Launch Revenge Attack On Ukip Defector

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Twitter 'Should Ban Racist Words'

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Nick Clegg Makes Mince Pies For Children, Looks Incredibly Sad

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The Very Best Of Newsnight 2014

MP Eric Joyce In Trouble Again

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Ukip's 'Scrooge' Voters Really Do Not Like Charity

EMPICS Entertainment/EMPICS Entertainment
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You May Start Feeling A Bit Richer, Just In Time For Christmas

Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Wire

Dynastic Rule Returns To America As Bush And Clinton Square Up