25 May 2016

The Scandal of Mental Health in Prisons That Michael Gove Is Failing to Tackle

Today's Justice Select Committee report into safety in Britain's prisons reveals a crisis in mental health, with rising levels of self-harm, drug abuse and suicide. A few weeks ago, prison officers at Wormwood Scrubs walked out because they could not guarantee safety for themselves or the prisoners. Yet Justice Secretary Michael Gove seems incapable of action.

Jarvis: Brexit Is A 'Gift To Putin'

Laura Lean/PA Wire

Facebook Best Way To Tackle Discrimination Against Pregnancy And Maternity

Parliament TV

Partially Paralysed Man With Half A Skull Has DWP 'Fit For Work' Ruling Overturned

Daily Star

'Brexit': Mark Carney V Jacob Rees-Mogg Round 2

Parliament TV

Corbyn And Harman: 'Tory Men' Dominate EU Debate

Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Stronger In's Attempt To Woo Young People Is 'Gettin' Absolutely Slated


Tony Blair Doubts Jeremy Corbyn Can Win The Next General Election

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Tony Blair Calls For 'Proper Ground War' Against Isis

Richard Drew/AP

Piers Morgan Calls Out Harriet Harman For Kim Kardashian Nude Selfie Support

PA/PA Wire

The Waugh Zone May 24, 2016

WPA Pool via Getty Images

BBC EU Referendum Coverage 'Shutting Out' Women, Warns Harriet Harman

Jack Taylor/PA Wire

Fracking Is Coming To North Yorkshire Despite Overwhelming Opposition

Ian Forsyth via Getty Images

George Osborne 'Uncorks The Gauke' To Defend Brexit 'Propaganda'

Parliament TV

Tory Leader Ruth Davidson Wouldn't Have Been Able To Do This In One Country In The UK

Russell Cheyne / Reuters

Sturgeon Slams Cameron And Osborne Over 'Brexit'

Frank Augstein/AP

Tessa Jowell: Labour Can't Become A 'Sect'

Peter Byrne/PA Archive

EU Referendum 'Remain' Campaign Needs More Women, Says Baroness Williams

Rui Vieira/PA Archive

16 Scary-Looking Treasury Graphs About 'Brexit'

HM Treasury

Boris Johnson Tries To Dodge Getting Egged By Reminding Egger There Are Hungry People

Sky News
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Treasury 'Brexit' Dossier Of Doom Warns Of 820,000 Job Losses


Sadiq Khan Warns Corbyn To Go Beyond 'Core Vote'

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Sajid Javid Privately Told Me He Backed Brexit, Iain Duncan Smith Claims

Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

Shocking Number Of Students Don't Know The Date Of The EU Referendum

Rawpixel Ltd via Getty Images

The Waugh Zone May 23, 2016

PA/PA Wire

Brexit Would Trigger A Year-Long Recession, Warns George Osborne

Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Scotland Just Became The World Leader For Gay Representation