16 September 2014

How Have We Got Ourselves Into Such a Mess as a Society That Some People Find Themselves Needing Assistance?

I'm not going to argue that every single person who ever walks into a foodbank hasn't made mistakes when handling money; no doubt some have. But the majority seem to be people who have been hit by a crisis in life. Whether it's due to an illness or sudden job loss, they come from all walks of life.

Hillary Clinton All But Announces Her 2016 Campaign In Iowa


Scottish Independence Poll Gives 'Yes' Campaign 8 Point Lead

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Boris Johnson Launches Bid To Become His Own Independent Country

Andrew Parsons/PA Archive

Daughter Of Alex Salmond's Teacher Tells First Minister: 'Never Mention My Father Again'

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Queen's Scottish Referendum Views Have 'Slipped Out'... Again


Brace Yourself For The Latest Scotland Poll...

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Wow, These Yes Campaigners Really Hate The BBC


Here's Why Nigel Farage May Actually Want Scots To Vote Yes

David Cheskin/PA Wire

Osborne's Bill To Defend Bankers From Brussels Soars Even Higher

Ian Nicholson/PA Archive

Alex Salmond Rules Out Another Referendum If It's A No Vote

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Londoners Rally In Trafalgar Square To Ask Scotland Not To Leave


Tony Blair Finally Wades Into The Scottish Debate...

Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Scottish Independence Referendum: A 'Trainspotting' Guide To The 'No' Vote

'Alex Salmond Needs To Grow A Backbone'


It's The Scottish Independence Intervention You've All Been Waiting For


'Independence Could Wipe £31,000 Off Average House Price In Scotland'

Roberto Ricciuti via Getty Images

'Border Guards On Hadrian's Wall' In Independent Scotland

Yui Mok/PA Archive

Scottish Independence Referendum: A 'Trainspotting' Guide To The 'Yes' Vote

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Britain 'Can't Rule Out' Sending In Ground Troops To Fight IS


General's Comments About Scottish Independence 'Bordering On Offensive'

Sunday Telegraph

Who Should Tackle ISIS? John Oliver Has The Answer


Apparently You Think Osborne Is The Best Man To Run The Economy


Salmond Accuses 'Frenetic Unionist' Press Of Inventing Story About The Queen

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

PM Warns Of 'Painful Divorce' If Scotland Votes For Independence


Four Arrests As The EDL March In Rotherham

Twitter/ CinOvation

Scottish Nationalists Issue Stark Warning To Culprits Behind 'Campaign Of Fear'

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Cuts Are Crippling City Police's Ability To Nail Fraudsters

Fuse via Getty Images