20 April 2014

Digital Editor at Amnesty International UK

On the Brink of Extinction in Russia

With rights groups shut down, opposition activists shut away and those attending public gatherings and protests potentially criminalised, Putin's government is overseeing a human rights dark age for Russians - no matter what message their placard bears.

Teachers' Union Calls Michael Gove 'Demented Dalek On Speed'

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets

Quango Boss Resigns After Bankruptcy Revealed

David Cameron Stung By Jellyfish, Twitter Reacts Gleefully

Male Political Bloggers 'Aggressively Target Women', Says Female MP

The Yes Vote Is Gaining Ground

Farage Welcomed By Le Pen With 'Open Arms,' Ukip Aren't Keen

David Cameron Stung By Jellyfish, Unknown If 'Traditional Cure' Was Used

Pictures Of The Weak [Sic]

Ukip Councillor 'Publicly Humiliates' Child, Six

7 Dodgy Things RBS Would Rather You Didn't Notice In Its 'Whitewash'

Neo-Nazis' Favourite Outfitter Opens In London's Jewish Neighbourhood

Cameron: Christian's Should Be More Evangelical

Why Is The Coalition Planning To Tell You When They Think You'll Die?

WATCH: Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton ‘Sing' Timber By Pitbull

LOOK: Nigel Farage's Expenses Claim

RBS Cleared Of Defrauding Small Firms

Ed Balls Crashed Into Someone's Car And Drove Off

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This Man In Bubble Wrap Looks Oddly Like David Cameron

Lucas Found Not Guilty Over Anti-Fracking Protest

Tory Party Has Failed To Detoxify In Eyes Of Ethnic Minorities, Says MP

The Pay Squeeze Is Over (But Only If You Got A Bonus)

Government Ministers Urged To Calculate How Much Longer They'll Be Around For

MP Could Be Investigated For Not Declaring Cash Donations

Co-Op Group Just Made Its Biggest EVER Loss

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