Scottish Independence Referendum Result Could Be Curtains For The Union Jack

What's in a flag?

Quite a lot, if you consider that a considerable part of the conversation around Scottish independence is what on earth the Union Flag would look like if it had to cut out the Scottish (blue) bit.

The UK flag could be no more

And Union Flag is the correct term - although 'Union Jack' is commonly used, the flag is officially only called a jack when it is flown from a ship.

The blue in the Union Flag comes from the cross saltire of St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, which is a diagonal white cross on a blue background.

It was combined with England's cross of St George in 1606, after king James VI of Scotland became king James I of England as well. The red-and-white cross of St Patrick of Ireland was added in 1801.

As Scots vote in the referendum today, flag-lovers have been suggesting their own alternatives for the symbol, should a new design have to be created.

In fact, the flag wouldn't necessarily have to be dismantled. In a survey from the Flag Institute, the UK's national flag charity, only 56% of members thought the Union Flag would change if Scotland became independent, while 44% thought it would remain unchanged.

1) Could this be Cornwall's chance to stamp its authority on the UK flag?

2) Wow, just wow.

3) A good few other flags may need to be edited:

4) The Welsh dragon has been feeling a little left out.

5) King Salmond could feature on a revamped Scottish flag:

can't wait for this to be our flag when we go independent!!!

— coolzilla (@blinkclyro) September 18, 2014

6) The Welsh dragon moves centre stage again, joined by Mr Fry:

7) Gordon Brown's stirring pro-union speech yesterday inspired this artistic creation:

8) Some green could be added for a Welsh-themed flag:

9) Or not...