Paris Gunman Shouts 'We Have Avenged The Prophet Mohammed' In Newly-Released Video Footage

'We Have Avenged The Prophet Mohammed, We Have Killed Charlie Hebdo'

“We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed, we have avenged the Prophet Mohammed, we have killed Charlie Hebdo,” shouted one of the killers in new footage of the Paris massacre released on Tuesday.

The film, shot on a camera-phone from above, shows the two men, later identified as brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, moving around the getaway car after the attack on the magazine that left 12 dead last week.

The brothers swap weapons outside the vehicle before one holds his arm up in triumph, shouting his bloody cry of vengeance. The gunmen are then seen shooting at a police car, forcing the cops to reverse at speed.

The Kouachi brothers were killed following a police standoff on Friday, as was Amedy Coulibaly, an accomplice who attacked a Jewish supermarket in a suburb of the capital, killing four people.

Following France's worst terrorist attacks in decades, the country's lower house of Parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved extending French airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

"France is at war with terrorism, jihadism and radical Islamism," Prime Minister Manuel Valls told the National Assembly to thundering applause ahead of the vote. "France is not at war with a religion. France is not at war with Islam and Muslims."

The vote was 488 to 1. One lawmaker argued not to extend the campaign, saying the situation on the ground was improving and warning that more bombing could invite more extremist violence but the government and other lawmakers vigorously defended the campaign.

France quickly joined the United States in conducting airstrikes against the Islamic State group last year after the militants took over sections of Iraq and Syria. French law requires a vote on extending such operations after four months. France is not bombing in Syria.

Dave Brown, The Independent

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