Fox News Guest Dallas Woodhouse Says Rand Paul Must 'Prove He'd Nuke Muslim Country'

US presidential candidates have barely had time to announce their intentions and someone on Fox News has already said something that makes you worry for humanity.

Discussing what Republican Rand Paul would have to do to demonstrate his credentials, guest Dallas Woodhouse said he would need to "prove that he will nuke a Muslim country if we have to".

Woodhouse was invited along with brother Brad invited to speak on 'Fox & Friends' which also recently hosted opinions such as "Frozen is dangerous anti-male propaganda" as well as joking on daytime television about domestic abuse.

US Senator Rand Paul hopes to be selected as the Republican candidate for 2016

The Woodhouse brothers are the current political equivalent of siblings fighting against each other in the Civil War. Brad is a consultant for the Democrats, Dallas is a Republican strategist and founder of right-wing group Carolina Rising.

When asked "Which GOP contender has the Democrats most afraid?", Dallas replied calling Hillary Clinton "stale, mouldy and unprepared" before giving his expert opinion on the current Republican candidates Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul.

He then went on to make the comment in question.

"We all know what Muslim country he wants Rand Paul to nuke. It is not Malaysia."

Some commentators were also unhappy with the distribution of airtime between the brothers, with right-wing Dallas being handed almost two minutes on screen and his liberal brother being cut off after 30 seconds.

"We don’t like war, I don’t like war. We hate war," Dallas later said in a Facebook post. "However we need a POTUS who will do WHATEVER it takes to protect America and her friends including Israel. I never want to see another Nuke used, but If We HAD to like in WW2 then so be it.

"I want a President willing to keep the option of Nuking the enemy on the table rather than letting THEM get the bomb to terrorize us and threaten and possibility destroy Israel as we know it."

Brad said after the "nuke" statement: "Thank God you're not running for President."

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