Katie Hopkins: Has She Finally Been Silenced?

Has Katie Hopkins Finally Been Silenced?

Following a week-long backlash of furious vitriol, Katie Hopkins appears - perhaps for the time first time ever - to be lost for words.

The professional provocateur who made a career out of insulting, mocking and riling the general populace has been loudly conspicuous - by her absence.

There have been no direct messages from her twitter account, which serves as her usual conduit for blasting out bile, for four days.

This week Katie Hopkins has been conspicuous - by her absence

On Monday, Hopkins raised her head above the parapet to issue a meek “thank you sir” to a twitter user who wrote: “A nation’s maturity is not measured by supporting what we want to hear; but by tolerating what we don’t want to hear. Kudos @KTHopkins.”

Hopkins’ last direct tweet referenced a handbag with the missive previous to that made reference to her appearance on LBC radio on Sunday in which she defended her column in The Sun entitled ‘Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants’.

Written in the wake of a capsizing in which 400 migrants are believed to have drowned, it was published a day before a further tragedy in which up to 900 people trying to leave Libya for Italian shores are feared to have died.

Since then, a petition urging The Sun to sack her has amassed more than 275,000 signatures and there are reports her plans to host a chat show have been ditched – amid rumours no one wanted to appear as a guest.

According to the Mirror, when agents were asked to put celebrity clients forward, none signed up.

“They can’t find anyone who wants to go on it,” a source told the paper.

“She is too controversial, too nasty. The bottom line is, no one likes her. Why would you want to go and speak to her?”

The show was to follow TLC’s ‘My Fat Story’, which saw Katie put on more than three stone in weight and then lose it again in a bid to back up her views on weight loss.

A recent Huffington Post Entertainment poll backs up the decision to ditch the chat show idea.

When asked if they would be tuning in, more than three quarters of our readers said they wouldn’t watch even if they were paid to do so.

Could Hopkins be gone for good? Only time will tell.


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