Ukip Candidate Freddy Vachha Blames Mass Immigration For The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

For Ukip, immigration is the ultimate specter. It’s the phantom in the cupboard, the apparition under the bed… the perfect ghoul with which to frighten white, elderly Britons. As such, it is shoehorned into almost every discussion -- even, it seems, into the world’s "most intractable conflict," that of Israel and Palestine.

Vachha: 'The land into which expatriated Jews returned was not empty'

Reported by the East London and West Essex Guardian, Freddy Vachha, Ukip’s hopeful for the seat of Chingford and Woodford Green (currently occupied by Tory bigwig Iain Duncan Smith), said at the hustings on Monday that "out-of-control immigration” was to blame for the deep divisions that have spawned decades of bloodshed in the region -- and that a similar could happen in Britain if tighter controls are not installed forthwith.

Responding to a question on Israel’s persistent breach of UN resolutions, Vachha said: "The land into which expatriated Jews returned was not empty, it was filled with Palestinians. When the numbers were small, the two got on harmoniously. There is a lesson here to be learned. When it reached a certain level though of immigration, as the Palestinians would have said, you can see here exactly what we have. Immigration caused the tensions here and it got out of control."

Vachha: 'There is a lesson here to be learned'

The constituency has some form in producing offbeat political candidates; the Tory stronghold was once the marching ground for the "Chingford Skinhead," also known as Norman Tebbit. That’s the same Norman Tebbit who in 2013 said the legalisation of gay marriage would lead to a lesbian queen.

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