Sack Kay Burley Petition Signatories Are 'Sad Sods' Says Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins Trolls 50,000 People At Once Over The Sack Kay Burley Petition

If you are one of the now 56,000 people who wants to see Kay Burley sacked over her now infamous interrogation of Alton Towers CEO Nick Varney, you are a “sad sod.”

Those are the eloquent words of Sun columnist and professional troll Katie Hopkins, who sprung to the Sky News anchor’s defence after Burley's heated exchange with Varney.

The interview was aired following the accident on The Smiler ride, which left 16 people injured and saw one victim’s leg amputated.

Kay Burley was criticised for her interview with Nick Varney, the CEO of the company which owns Alton Towers

But the veteran reporter has defended the interview, tweeting: “For those concerned I was hard on Alton Towers boss, he'll get over it. Not sure those on his ride will be so quick to recover #perspective.”

17-year-old Leah Washington was one of four victims airlifted to hospital following the crash. She has lost a leg

A petition calling for her to be sacked had reached 56,000 signatures as of Monday morning.

Hopkins, who is often branded a bully herself, tweeted support for Burley last week and has now branded all those who have signed it “powerless fools.”

She tweeted: “Sack Kay Burley petition at 50K. You sad sods. Does clicking on a petition make you feel empowered? Kay is empowered. You’re powerless fools.”

56,000 people would beg to differ Katie…

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