Matthew Wright Brutally Shuts Down Caller Mentioning David Cameron #PigGate Allegations

This Is What Happens When Someone Mentions #PigGate Allegations On Live TV

Talk show presenter and former showbiz journalist Matthew Wright has taught live television presenters across the land how to respond to spurious claims of impropriety on the part of the Prime Minister.

And while the The Wright Stuff is no stranger to controversial topics, a caller on Monday morning used a discussion titled 'Can Corbyn Save The Lib Dems' to shoehorn in a mention of the thing that's on everybody's mind.

Wright immediately dressed down a viewer who dared repeat the allegations before cutting off the call and promptly moving on.

Dan from London called the show to air his views but quickly got sidetracked and blurted out the main claims made in a yet-to-be-published expose written by Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft and former Sunday Times political editor Isabelle Oakeshott.

Dan from London: “There’s also the issue of the Prime Minister putting his c*ck in a dead pig’s mouth.”

Matthew Wright: “Dan, Dan, d’you know what mate?

"One, it’s an allegation.

"Two, your choice of language far goes beyond what is permitted at this time of the day and at that point really you’ve forfeited any right to speak on this show, so bye bye!

"What a waste of time!"

Wright has taken to Twitter to point out that it wasn't the subject that necessitated his swift reaction, but the caller's language.


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