One Direction's Liam Payne Blasts Noel Gallagher 'C**sucker' Jibes

1D's Liam Responds To Noel Gallagher Jibes (And He's Not Happy)

Liam Payne has responded to harsh comments made by Noel Gallagher about One Direction.


The pop singer admitted that, as a former fan of Noel’s, he was disappointed to learn that he’d branded One Direction “c***suckers” in an interview, also suggesting they’d all be “in rehab by the time they’re 30”.

Opening up during a taping of Radio 1’s ‘Superstar Playlist’, Liam said: “The funny thing was, I met him the day the story came out.

Liam Payne

“I didn’t know it was coming out, and he came up and said, ‘Alright, mate? How are you doing?’ I was like, ‘Fine thanks, mate. Nice to meet you’.” That was on the same day that Noel was calling 1D ‘c***suckers’.

“The next day I read the story and thought, ‘How sad is that?’ He completely dissed us. Nice to diss your fans, isn’t it?”

He added: “It’s sad because [Oasis] genuinely led me to a path of singing. That’s something they should be genuinely proud of.

“They don’t think before they speak. You never know who was a fan of your music. Especially when you were as big as they were. Do it with grace. Good old Noel, bless him.”

Liam says Noel should be "genuinely proud" to have "led him to a path of singing"

Noel’s tirade also saw him bash Adele, Alex Turner and Ellie Goulding, who he branded "c**ts", though he did have a surprising amount of praise for Kanye West.

Liam explained: “He ripped off half the industry for no reason, and then loved Kanye West. I love Kanye West as much as the next man, but there’s no need to diss poor Adele.”

He’ll no doubt be even more displeased when he learns that Noel slagged off “poor Adele” AGAIN last week, claiming she makes “music for fucking grannies”.

This is hardly the first time Noel has had it in for modern pop stars, having also come for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Alt-J in the past year.

Listen to his full chat in One Direction’s ‘Superstar Playlist’, airing on Christmas Day, at 1pm on BBC Radio 1.

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