Britain First's Inaugural 'News' Programme Contains Glaring Errors On Refugees And Immigration

VIDEO: Paul Golding talks passionately about the migrant crisis

***THE MIGRANT CRISIS WILL END IN BLOODSHED, CIVIL WAR AND THE UK OVERRUN***Paul Golding talks passionately about the migrant crisis....

Posted by Britain First on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Britain First has published a slick faux news video as it seeks to push its anti-immigration agenda through its popular Facebook page.

The far-right group published the clip this week, with party leader Paul Golding presenting a close to 10 minute-long broadcast complete with swish moving graphics.

But despite the newly enhanced production values, many of the 'facts' used by Golding remain wildly inaccurate, crammed with personal opinion and vastly sensationalised.

Leader Paul Golding presents an edition of the new 'Fox'-style bulletins

The clip, which can be viewed in full above, is reminiscent of conservative American media channels, such as Fox News.

But this style is effective. According to Pew, consistent conservatives in America are drawn to Fox's coverage, with almost half saying it is their primary source of information.

Britain First's latest move appears to emulate this success, allowing them to carefully select and present information to the group's 1.2 million Facebook followers without being troubled by traditional journalistic standards.

And their first broadcast provides a depressing glimpse into the way facts and figures can be manipulated - and misrepresented - to further their political objectives.

Even the group's first bulletin reveals five myths which are blown apart by actual facts...

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