JK Rowling Borrows Chamillionaire's 'Ridin'' Amid War Of Words With Scottish MP Natalie McGarry

JK Rowling and Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry
JK Rowling and Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry

JK Rowling has borrowed from a hip-hop anthem in the latest chapter of her lengthy row with a former Scottish National Party MP.

The Harry Potter scribe - a high-profile supporter of Scotland remaining in the UK during the independence referendum - re-interpreted a line from the 2006 global hit ‘Ridin’’ by Chamillionaire after Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry apologised for accusing the author of defending "abusive misogynist trolls" on Twitter.

Ridin’ by Chamillionaire

The pair clashed after Rowling hinted she was prepared to sue for libel.

The MP had said the author "tweeted support" for a Twitter user who goes by the pseudonym Brian Spanner.

The author strongly denied the claim and demanded an apology.

McGarry later apologised for "any misguided inference" that Rowling supports misogyny or abuse, but went on to retweet an image that had been altered to wrongly suggest Rowling had responded "you're a good man" to an abusive tweet sent by Brian Spanner.

This seemed to fuel the row further.

The "good man" tweet had actually been made after Brian Spanner helped to raise money for Ms Rowling's children's charity, the author said.

Now McGarry has offered a full apology.

Rowling’s Chamillionaire tweet followed a response to the MP’s tweets.

McGarry, who resigned the SNP whip in November but continues to sit in the Commons, had alleged Rowling had re-tweeted support for someone the Edinburgh East MP claimed to be a troll.


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