Audrey Henkels

Technology Consultant

Audrey has spent the past five years administering, building, and supporting technology solutions for social impact organizations. She currently lives in London, where she is a data visualization consultant and a project manager for EmpowerHack, a collective that creates sustainable design for women and girls in humanitarian contexts.

Creating Affordable Access To High-Quality Medical Equipment In Nigeria

Oluwasoga, along with co-founders Genevieve Barnard, Joe McCord, and Opeyemi Ologun, launched MDaaS (Medical Devices as a Service) in early 2015. MDaaS provides a unique combination of high-quality refurbished medical equipment, diverse acquisition options, and maintenance and repair services to hospitals in Nigeria.
31/01/2017 14:45 GMT

Using Tech To Help Smallholder Farmers Control Their Destiny

Leveraging data analytics and a proprietary creditworthiness assessment, Ricult drastically increases farmers' income through a mobile platform that provides affordable credit, high-quality farm inputs, agronomy service, and access to end buyers.
09/11/2016 13:24 GMT

Designing Technology Solutions for Pregnant Refugees in Transit

Last month, a fisherman in Lesvos, Greece told me that there have always been refugees coming. The past 16 years, they've been coming. The big difference now is that women and children are coming too. With women refugees come new challenges, one of which is pregnancy.
23/06/2016 15:53 BST