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Lesbian and Bisexual writer for many major LGBT publications including Curve US, DIVA, PinkNews, g3 and a weekly column with WhenSallyMetSally.co.uk

Deliciously outspoken, satirical, controversial and witty. Sometimes political and always engaging. Taking on the laborious task of researching and commenting on lesbians one day at a time. (It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it)

Eight Lies Porn Needs To Stop Telling About Lesbian Sex

For those of you out there who have dipped into the disturbingly dire world of girl-on-girl porn, I'm sure you've noticed that we're not well represented. It's obvious... The porn industry is completely male dominated, and here are eight lies they're telling us about how lesbians have sex.
13/07/2017 16:51 BST

Are Lesbians Responsible for Anti-Feminism?

The assumption is that lady-loving-ladies will do just that... Be bloody nice to each other at least. But it's wishful thinking. You've heard of man-hating lesbians but, in my experience, you're more likely to encounter a woman-hating lesbian, however ironic that sounds.
24/06/2015 12:16 BST

Why We Need Labels

LGBT activism must evolve and continue. A cause is only as strong as it's cavalry, and we are the LGBT army; our voices it's weapons. We can't afford to stay silent and hope that the rest of the world will fend for themselves - Your voice is like your vote. You must use it.
26/03/2015 17:44 GMT

Lesbian Dating Sites - The Best And Worst

If you're single and not online dating, then you should be. But take heed! Not all are homo-friendly. So before you get going, here's what you need to know about the best (and worst) available.
25/03/2015 13:09 GMT

17 Signs You're Really In To Her

Crushes hit you hard and fast, and there's no denying how much of your crazy they bring out. If you've ever found yourself on the business end of one of those women who seem to whirlwind into your life, you'll have experienced some of these symptoms. And I'm afraid there is no cure.
10/03/2015 16:25 GMT

Four Messages NOT to Send on Lesbian OKCupid

As a single lesbian in a small town, my options are pretty limited when it comes to love. Or dating. Or even having more than one lesbian friend at a time. (They usually start dating each other and get a cat within a week) So finding a partner can be a long and painful process.
10/03/2015 16:22 GMT

Lesbian Dating Deal Breakers

Dating is a minefield, with many a malfunction just waiting to happen. Everyone has their Deal Breakers; Smokers, kids; A disagreement on what number of cats is acceptable. But wait! There's more! As if dating wasn't hard enough already, life decided to throw in some extra issues for us lady-loving-ladies. Thanks, life.
06/03/2015 14:39 GMT

The Lesbian Drinking Game

Nights out with large groups can be grating, and large numbers can really distract your peers from the task in hand - Drinking. So in order to combat this annoyance, I suggest you insist on playing The Lesbian Drinking Game alongside the rest of the general merriment. And here are the rules.
23/02/2015 11:35 GMT

Why You're Still Single

Do you think that women just fall out of thin air? I mean I realise we've all been taught by Sandra Bullock that love will pop up when you're busy being a strong, independent woman, but this isn't a Romcom. Miss Right isn't going to be your bolshy boss or best friend. She won't just turn up.
12/02/2015 10:49 GMT

Three Ways to Come Out at Work

We all know that coming out to new people can be either stressful, boring or both. I mean seriously, we should all get stickers on our foreheads or something. "Hi, I'm Gay, Feel Free To Ask Questions", so this can be a lot easier all round. The stickers would be glittery, obviously.
27/01/2015 16:12 GMT

Four New Year's Resolutions Every Lesbian Should Make

Whether your sexual orientation is on a need to know basis or you have been out since you were 12, there's always someone you've conveniently forgotten to tell. Your Grandparents, perhaps? Or your colleagues? But a good 2015 LGBT resolution is to make sure you're Out. To everyone.
16/01/2015 11:27 GMT

Five Types of Lesbian NEVER To Date

It's a battle field out there. The LGBT dating scene is infinitely more exclusive straight dating, so here are the 5 types of Lesbian/Bi woman to be avoided at all costs.
16/01/2015 11:26 GMT

Bisexual Bias - Some People Are Bi, Get Over It

Bisexuality is valid. It's not what I'm calling myself as I'm transitioning, it's not what people are labelled while they're deciding. It's a whole other category! Entering the very community you've been<em> dying</em> to belong to and having them reject you is enough to send a person straight back into the closet!
04/11/2014 09:48 GMT

How Being Gay Can HELP Your Career

Take my last job for example. After just a year I found myself progressing, fast. Every promotion available and Boom... It was mine. Who gets first pick of holiday slots? Yours Truly. Do I fancy a week off for London Pride at short notice? Well you got it, lady, and have a luminous, fruity cocktail on us.
27/10/2014 15:14 GMT

How to Handle Your Ex Moving on First

The lesbian break up is an astounding affair. It can either result in our famous "lez be friends" scenario, or go through a hormone induced, highly dramatic block-a-thon and selection of storm-outs that would make a pantomime villain proud.
23/10/2014 12:12 BST