Emma Hammett

Author, Accident Prevention and First Aid Expert at First Aid for Life

Emma Hammett is a qualified nurse and award-winning first aid trainer with over 30 years’ healthcare and teaching experience. Emma is the Founder of the multi award-winning First Aid for Life and She has published multiple books and is an acknowledged First Aid expert and authority on accident prevention, health and first aid. Emma writes for numerous online and print publications and regularly features on the radio and on TV. Emma's initial motivation to help people through first aid training came about when working in the Burns unit. Emma was looking after a little boy who was badly scalded and needed skin grafts – his mum had panicked when the accident happened and had not known what to do. Had his mother immediately run the injury under cool running water, he may not even have needed medical treatment. Emma was desperate to empower more people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help in a medical emergency and started First Aid for Life. Emma's mission and the goal of is to make it as easy as possible for people to access first aid skills, removing barriers to learning; such as time, money and geography and consequently train more people and save lives. Her books, online courses, free resources and frequent press appearances raise awareness of the importance of first aid and ensure these skills become accessible to more people.