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Gideon Burrows

Writer, author, cyclist and independent publishing enthusiast.

Gideon Burrows is the author of a number of books and a keen advocate of independent publishing.

His latest book is Chilli Britain: A Hot & Fruity Adventure.

He is also author of Men Can Do It: the real reason dads don't do childcare and what men and women should do about it and Brain Tumours: Living low grade

Gideon lives in Northern Ireland, owns five bicycles, grows chillies and a maintains a comprehensive, though generally failing, vegetable patch.

He looks forward to sending a mainstream publisher his own rejection slip.

Three, Two, One... EAT!

It was with this chant from my kids ringing in my ears that I take my place among nine other contestants at a chilli eating competition at a festival during the summer. Hundreds of chill enthusiasts stopped shopping for half an hour and joined the audience to watch us suffer.
06/10/2014 15:43 BST

Facing the Facts About Fathers and Childcare

UK government policy on parental leave, for example, has been set according to a generalised assumption that men want to take more time off, and work more flexibly, to be with their children. Yet the simple, statistic-backed facts support the opposite conclusion: men aren't yet using even close to the wiggle room they already have.
24/07/2013 17:19 BST

This Father's Day Let's Redefine the Meaning of 'Good Dad'

Given that couples who share childcare more equally are actually more likely to have happier relationships and are more likely to stay together. We need a broader manifesto about what it ought to mean to be a dad in 21st Century Britain. This would complement - not contradict - the father's rights movement's aims.
10/06/2013 20:45 BST

Time to Admit That Modern Fatherhood Is a Myth

As an equal parent in and out of working hours for over five years now, I've realised there's no fairytale quite so engaging, but quite so without actual substance, as the modern fatherhood myth. There's a convincing but untrue story about a huge army of fathers out there across the UK, all merrily doing their fair share of childcare, or maybe even more than their female partners. Just take a look outside. Where are the groups of dads sitting in coffee shops, or joining sing-along at the local library?
28/05/2013 23:39 BST

Both Sexes Are to Blame for Unequal Parenting

I hear all the time that the woman has chosen to stay at home and look after the children, while the man has chosen to go to work. Given all these overt and subtle pressures, I wonder whether these are really free choices at all. The only solution is for men to actively take up the mantle of childcare, right from the very earliest days of our children's life.
21/05/2013 17:34 BST

Sex and the School-Gate Mum

My fear was not these women wouldn't see the logic of having our boys play together and refuse. Rather it was that my invitation - for two women to come back to my house, while my wife wasn't there - might be taken as some kind of sexual advance.
13/12/2012 15:39 GMT

Wills Is Pregnant Too!

As we enter seven or eight months of closely monitoring the Duchess of Cambridge's progress with her pregnancy, we should remember one vital thing: This pregnancy is happening to a father too.
05/12/2012 09:50 GMT