Lily Cole

Model, actress and social entrepreneur

Actress, activist and social business entrepreneur
Storytelling: The Art

Storytelling: The Art Form

In the turbulence of our current social and political climate, stories are as important as ever. They offer gateways, mirrors and alternative possibilities, insights to ourselves and others, pathways and tools to reimagine our lives and realities.
09/04/2017 21:01 BST
How Wealthy Are

How Wealthy Are You?

We seem to be moving to an age that values access over ownership. In this shift towards experiences rather than possessions, a "sharing economy" spurned by the technology sector, is growing. Millennials increasingly stream music, films and TV, rather than buying physical copies. We download books and audiobooks to our phones. We rent out our homes, spare bedrooms, and take rides in other regular people's cars.
07/12/2016 08:19 GMT
Illiteracy Is the Root Cause of Almost Every Major Problem Humanity

Illiteracy Is the Root Cause of Almost Every Major Problem Humanity Faces

There are 757million illiterate people in the world right now. And this is not a developing world problem: one in five children in the UK, or one in four in the US, leave primary school unable to read and write properly. Illiteracy is not a sexy or exciting topic. It's not confronting in its raw emotional power... People aren't directly dying or overtly suffering of illiteracy. As far as global issues go, it may feel a little vanilla. But when you look at the relationship between illiteracy and most other global issues, a statistical pattern emerges.
23/02/2016 14:41 GMT
Amazonian Wild Rubber: A Vehicle for Green

Amazonian Wild Rubber: A Vehicle for Green Economics

We walk two hours through the rainforest to reach the rubber tapper's house, exploring a day in his life. It's beautiful though exhausting. Jaguars hidden, the magic is in the detail. A tree lined by mushrooms. Butterfly shaped leaves. A tree wrapped around another, a lover's embrace. Patterns of holes in leaves like a design studio stencil. With the kindest face and a rifle on his back, the rubber tapper leads me into the forest to show me how he extracts rubber from Seringueira trees.
05/06/2013 17:37 BST