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Steven Woolfe

Independent MEP

Independent MEP

Party Conference Marks May's Last Stand

With reports of Cabinet infighting increasing, and speculation of a potential leadership challenge mounting, the pressure facing the Prime Minister ahead of her key note speech to party conference this Wednesday is reaching fever pitch... What happens if Theresa May resigns or is pushed out? What happens if the transition period takes us through to the next General Election? With the traitorous Labour Party now softening its tone since its manifesto, the door to the UK abandoning the referendum mandate is opening wider.
02/10/2017 17:21 BST

Why Vote UKIP Today

Now many people will be undecided on how to vote in their elections today, I was once a swing voter myself before I found UKIP, so I know how it feels. I'm writing this today though to tell you why you should lend us in UKIP your vote. It doesn't matter if you're voting in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or England, UKIP it a truly national party that represents the whole of Britain and here's why...
05/05/2016 08:37 BST

Obama's No Statesman, He's a Big Government President

So my message to Obama is clear: don't try to speak on behalf of ALL the American people on the issue of Britain's membership of the EU. Like many members of the international ruling establishment you have your view of big government solutions but many in the United States see the advantages for America from being able to form a partnership with a Britain which is based on it being an independent nation state.
21/04/2016 11:31 BST

Assessing Britain's Future Security in Light of the Brussels Attacks

Today, no city in the world is safe from terrorist acts. The criminals only need to get past our security measures once to score their propaganda victory. But it is absolutely clear now that in the area of intelligence sharing and security, Brexit is unlikely to have any negative results and is far more likely to have many positive ones.
30/03/2016 16:37 BST

Dave's Dodgy Deal

So that's it. Mr Cameron's renegotiation of our EU membership is all but complete. And one thing is clear. There will be no reform. Our PM has returned from Brussels with 75% of what he was asking for. A good effort - if not for the fact he was asking for almost nothing in the first place.
03/02/2016 12:03 GMT

Freedom, Liberty and Justice

I entered politics because I wanted to fight and campaign against the ongoing suppression of our nation's freedoms from the European Union, yet here we see the vital freedom of privacy from the state is being undermined and disregarded by our own UK government.
11/11/2015 17:29 GMT

Two Groups for a Prouder, Freer and Better Britain

Over the past few days we've seen the emergence of a debate over which person should be the leader of the 'Leave' the European Union campaign. This media inspired distraction means that the whole EU Referendum debate has got off on the wrong foot for, in the end, this event not about personalities but about real issues that affect the British people...
13/10/2015 17:10 BST

Theresa May's Empty Promises

The Conservative Party's message about the need for controlled immigration at their annual conference is both laughable and wholly deceiving... The Tories set meaningless targets, time and time again and then use a PR bluster like this speech to camouflage their failures.
07/10/2015 09:42 BST

Borderless Britain

Today's ONS immigration figures stating net migration into the UK of 330,000 is astounding. This is the combined populations of York and Oxford. Add the estimated 1million illegal and undocumented migrants and, what is now clear, is that we have Borderless Britain. 
27/08/2015 18:08 BST

A Gripping Political Drama That Has the UK in It's Sights

I can't think of a more gripping political drama than that of the EU/IMF/ECB/Greece Grexit discussions over the past few months... However, for the political elites orchestrating the centrifugal forces of the EU who like to keep everything behind closed doors, these scenarios have been discomforting.
15/07/2015 17:41 BST

TTIP Debate - What a Farce

Ukip believes that TTIP and all trade agreements made on behalf of the UK should be signed by the UK government and ratified by the UK parliament alone. It is important to recognise that the European Union's interests are not necessarily synonymous with the UK interests.
15/06/2015 09:03 BST

Ten Reasons to Vote Ukip

So this is it. We're on the eve of the most important general election in a generation. An election that will decide whether we stick with the two legacy parties that have failed us time and time again or try a fresh approach to politics with Ukip. So I'm writing to give you 10 reasons to vote Ukip and give a new politics a chance.
06/05/2015 17:36 BST

A Fair and Ethical Migration Policy

We are a party that believes that Britain can and does benefit from skilled workers. That's why we want a points based system so we can still have the brightest and the best, we embrace that and wouldn't ever change it.
11/03/2015 17:38 GMT