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Vicky Mitchell

blogger, writer, ex-expat and accessory hoarder

I'm a (sort of) mummy blogger, freelance writer, Cotswold-dweller and other clichéd things.

In previous incarnations I've been a publishing professional, English teacher and expat adventurer. For now though I'm content spouting opinions from my Gloucestershire kitchen, covered in KitKat crumbs.

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Screens: Are They Really The Enemy?

I've not always felt like this. When discussing what to buy our nine year old for his last birthday, my husband pitched for a basic laptop computer. My response was "No bloody way! He'll have wholesome construction toys, craft materials and books - stuff that makes him think".
08/05/2017 17:22 BST

Seven Signs Your Kids' School Is Ridiculously Middle Class

My 1980's primary school was home to tepid bottles of milk, ramshackle terrapins and identically-clad kids in hand-me-down C&A coats and ice cream tub lunch boxes. Every child in the neighbourhood went there, regardless of family income, house price, religious or political persuasion. It was a proper microcosm, a dog poo-encircled centre of the community. It was fab.
21/04/2017 14:45 BST