Wendy Zhang

Mummy, wife, blogger, employee, lover of food and wine. Blogs at www.TeenyTinyToddlers.com

Since becoming a Mama 2 years ago, I wanted to dabble in the blogging world and share a glimpse of my chaotic life in the hope of connecting with other equally frazzled mums. A mere 20 months and another baby later, I launched my blog: www.TeenyTinyToddler.com

My two little ones are aged 15 months apart – a smart and thoughtful girl paired with a cheeky, fun-loving boy. Life has changed somewhat since their arrival and as a survivor of parenting two under two, I am writing it all down in my mummy diary of laughs, struggles and desperate moments!
The Truth Is, You Can Never Bounce

The Truth Is, You Can Never Bounce Back

To the outside world, my body sort of looks the same as it did before. But I can pinpoint every little addition. The faint stretch marks around my saggy middle, the new shape of my bellybutton, the episiotomy scar, the weird uneven nipples, bigger hips and so on.
26/10/2017 07:56 BST
Give Modern Day Dads A

Give Modern Day Dads A Break

Most men of my father's generation never changed nappies, were clueless about baby developmental milestones and would not have been able to put up a ponytail to save their lives! But they worked incredibly hard to make sure their families were provided for.
14/06/2017 12:00 BST
Is It Normal To Feel Sad On My Baby's

Is It Normal To Feel Sad On My Baby's Birthday?

My little man will be turning one next week and just like the cliché, I'm wondering where this past year has gone. His cake smash photo shoot is booked, the special day outfit has been pressed and a neat stack of presents are waiting in the cupboard. I am certain that the photos will capture our smiles and laughter, I just hope no one sees how devastated I feel inside.
19/05/2017 16:07 BST
We Potty Trained By Ignoring All The

We Potty Trained By Ignoring All The Advice

Trust your child to take responsibility and give them a little piece of independence that they so desperately crave. Every time my little girl put a sticker on her chart, her whole face lit up with pride. Ignore social pressures and age guidelines, as many wise parents have said before: they'll be ready when they're ready.
06/04/2017 13:11 BST
Should We Explain Terrorism To Our

Should We Explain Terrorism To Our Children?

Every screen is splashed with the red of breaking news. Another needless attack, civilians injured, innocent people killed and indiscriminate slaughter. How can we explain this to our children? What kind of message is this sending out?
23/03/2017 11:00 GMT
Six Unexpected Emotions As A

Six Unexpected Emotions As A Parent

Becoming a parent brings with it an absolute sackful of new emotions; some of which makes you feel on-top-of-the-world amazing and some just make you want to drown yourself in a bath of Cabernet Sauvignon.
14/03/2017 14:50 GMT