Adele Is All Of Us As She Discusses The New David Beckham Documentary

“Beckham and Posh are literally like our king and queen.”

Adele is known to enjoy a natter on stage during a show, but a recent discussion about the new David Beckham documentary is possibly her most relatable yet.

The revealing new Netflix documentary, titled Beckham, gives viewers an unprecedented look into the football legend’s career and personal life – from his highlights with Manchester United and captaining for England, to his marriage and family life with Victoria in her Spice Girls days.

It turns out that Adele – who is currently performing her Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas – was a massive fan of the new four-part series.

During a performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace earlier this month, the Easy On Me singer took a moment to share her love of Posh and Becks with the crowd.

“To us, because I’m British, Beckham and Posh are literally like our king and queen,” she enthused. “For real – we absolutely love them. It feels like my whole life I’ve been watching them and loving everything that they do. So I watched it and it made me feel very nostalgic.”

Adele, a woman of our own heart, went on: “I just love a bit of Beckham, really. He’s absolutely the national worldwide treasure to me.”

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The Grammy-winning singer told her fans that if they haven’t seen it “you should watch it”, before warning: “It is very British though – although the person that’s talking to him [filmmaker Fisher Stevens] is American, which is a bit strange. Only because [David’s] so British.”

In another clip from a recent show, Adele was filmed confessing that she was awake until 3.30am the previous night watching the documentary.

She said: “Yesterday I started the Beckham documentary, have any of you started? And I finished it last night and I didn’t want to go to sleep. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was wonderful. It was very nostalgic and very moving and it made me very homesick.”

The British singer enlightened the US crowd, noting: “They’re absolute legends to us, Beckham and also Posh. Especially when I was a kid, she was a Spice Girl and he was the captain of England. Can you imagine?”

Adele also shared that she “absolutely loved it”, while adding that she’s not always a fan of documentaries, “because normally it’s someone who has six months under their belt of doing something and they want to do a documentary, and I’m like, ‘wow’. But that’s a 25-year career”.

David Beckham
David Beckham
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Adele put in a final plug for the documentary, telling fans: “Even if you’re not into football, or soccer, it’s actually really beautiful, so I’d really recommend it, especially as there’s a lot of you flying home tomorrow or the day after, so it’s a nice little easy watch on the plane.”

Upon the release of the new documentary, David made a rare public appearance at the premiere with all four of his children – 24-year-old Brooklyn, 21-year-old Romeo and 18-year-old Cruz, as well as their 12-year-old daughter Harper.

In the documentary, David’s intervention when he heard Victoria discussing her “working class” roots sparked a hilarious viral moment. Meanwhile, people are only just realising how hilarious Victoria is.

At the documentary’s UK premiere, however, David responded to the criticism levelled at him for accepting an ambassador role for Qatar during last year’s World Cup.

The director also later addressed the decision not to include the backlash faced by the former footballer.

All four episodes of Beckham are now streaming on Netflix.


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