16/03/2017 11:12 GMT

Baby Tries To 'Latch On' To Mum's Back And Gets In A Sulk When She Realises She Can't Feed

She was not happy.

A baby was miffed when she tried to latch on for a feed while on her mum’s back and realised it wasn’t going to work. 

The breastfeeding mum explained it was the first time she had held her daughter on her back, so naturally the little one got confused. 

“I found this highly amusing of my daughter,” the mum wrote on Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Wednesday 15 March.

“We baby wear a lot and because she’s almost a year old, I figured we could try putting her on my back as she’s getting heavy.

“Well, she tried to latch on, on my back, and lost it when she realised there was no boob or milk back there.”

Babies latching on to body parts that aren’t breasts isn’t uncommon, according to the mums commenting on the thread.

“My daughter tries to latch every time she’s on my tummy,” one mum said. “I tell her: ‘That’s no booby’ but she still tries to latch anyway.”

Another wrote: “My five-month-old head butts my chest searching for my nipples until she gets angry and yells haha.” 

One mum also wrote: “My daughter latches onto everything. My arm, face, stomach, anything.” 

The Facebook post had more than 1,000 likes in nine hours.

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