01/05/2018 12:10 BST

Baby Still Sleeps In Exactly The Same Position He Did In The Womb

'Progress from three weeks left inside to three weeks on the outside.'

A mum compared a picture of her son in the womb with one taken three weeks post-birth - and the resemblance is uncanny.

Amused by the similarities, Sarah Steppling, from South Carolina, US, posted the two shots of her son Michael with his arms up above his head, and his head hanging slightly to one side, to Reddit and the internet has been loving it. “Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth,” she joked. “Progress from three weeks left inside to three weeks on the outside.”


Steppling told HuffPost UK she had “no big reason” to share the picture, apart from the fact she thought the resemblance was uncanny and she thought other people would find it cool. “I normally wouldn’t share a picture of my baby, but I thought this was a good exception,” she added.

Since sharing the photo, Steppling said she has had lots of positive messages from people telling her the comparison photo has made them smile. “It’s not always that way on the internet,” she said. 

She said her son Michael has enjoyed sleeping with his hands above his head since he was born. He has jaundice, a condition that causes yellowing of the skin, so he has been sleeping with a blue light device, but that hasn’t affected his sleep position.


What a cutie.

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