BBC Election Debate 2017: Amber Rudd Awkwardly Fails To Understand Monopoly In Spending Analogy

'Money tree wish list.'

Amber Rudd tonight awkwardly failed to understand the basics of capitalist board game Monopoly while challenging Jeremy Corbyn’s spending plans.

The Tory Home Secretary used the analogy during the BBC Debate in Cambridge on Wednesday in an attempt to roast the Labour leader over his “fantasy economics”.

“He has this money tree wish list in his manifesto,” Rudd said. “It’s very easy to think about how you spend money, it’s much harder to think about how you raise money.

“And his proposals don’t add up. It’s as though he thinks it’s some sort of game, a game of Monopoly perhaps.

“Where you ask the Banker for the red money to buy the electrics, the green money to buy the railways, and the yellow money to buy the gas works.

“Well it’s not like that, Jeremy, this is people’s hard-earned money and we will protect that - we won’t role the dice.”

Watch the clip, above.

But as viewers were quick to highlight, there was one big problem with Rudd’s response.


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