amber rudd

Three former Conservative home secretaries warn against using the issue for "short term tactical advantage".
Former home secretary says the PM's baseless claim against Keir Starmer was a "step too far" for some in his party.
The Home Office said £362,996 has been paid out from the fund, which totals at least £200m, with offers valued at £280,000 also made.
Former home secretary was no-platformed just half an hour before she was expected to speak at an International Women's Day event.
No wonder former MPs and ministers like Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and Justine Greening want nothing more to do with it, Green parliamentary candidate Caroline Lucas writes.
Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is among the latest of more than 60 MPs quitting.
Morgan, seen as one of the more moderate ministers in Boris Johnson’s cabinet, will follow her ally Amber Rudd and a host of current and ex-Tories out of parliament.
“I’m not finished with politics, I’m just not standing at this election.”
It's been a busy morning for the second referendum crowd.