Brexit Prompts Operation Scone In Bid To Show Europe The UK Still Loves Them

'Always know you're welcome in London.'

Ahead of last week's referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, the French launched a last-ditch attempt to persuade the UK to vote remain, christened Operation Croissant.

The campaign saw hundreds of postcards handed out at St Pancras station with messages from French people explaining why they feel so close to Britain.

But now that UK has chosen to leave the union behind, Britons have been showing the French some love in return.

Operation Scone, started by Londoners Sarah Fox and Jules Middleton, saw the quintessential teatime treat handed out to people boarding and leaving the Eurostar.

As well as a scone, passengers were also given a postcard with the slogan "sorry we've scone" and messages of affection towards the French from Londoners.

Fox said: "We work together and after spending Friday feeling really depressed about the result and unable to concentrate, we felt we had to do something to show our EU friends that this wasn't the result Londoners wanted."

Middleton told The Huffington Post UK: "People responded really positively, there is so much negativity and gloom it's nice to focus on the good things that won't change despite the result.

"Lots of people enjoyed the 'Sorry we've Scone' pun and we are waiting for some to arrive in Paris today and send photos to us."

The Leave campaign swept up millions of votes across the north of England, the Midlands, the South East and Wales.

Of a turnout of 72.2%, (46,500,001 people) 51.9% voted to Leave and 48.1% to Remain in Thursday's vote.

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