12/09/2017 10:12 BST | Updated 12/09/2017 10:12 BST

Cheryl Gives Her Top Tip For Busy New Mums In First Interview Since Giving Birth On 'This Morning'

'When you are taking care of a baby 24/7 it’s just not practical.'

Cheryl has given her top piece of beauty advice for busy new mums in her first interview since giving birth to baby Bear.

The 34-year-old mum, who welcomed her first child with boyfriend Liam Payne in March 2017, said coconut oil was her go-to product. 

And why? Because mums just don’t get time to moisturise.

“My top tips for new mams would be - you don’t always get time to moisturise, when you’ve jumped in the shower quickly while they’re napping, or have a quick bath - so my thing would be, go in the bath and put in bath oil in with you so you don’t have to worry about that and you’re moisturised when you come out,” she said during an exclusive interview clip on ‘This Morning’. 


The new mum is set to discuss life since becoming a mother to Bear in the full interview on Wednesday 13 September. 

In another clip, released on Tuesday 12 September, Cheryl added that she has enjoyed finding time to pick up her beauty regime again after the whirlwind that is life with a newborn.

“It’s just been recently that I’ve had time to start applying [lipstick] again and it’s been lovely actually,” she said.

“I went out for dinner a few weeks ago and it was strange to see myself made up again but lovely at the same time.

“When you are taking care of a baby 24/7 it’s just not practical.”

Despite Cheryl not speaking about parenthood since giving birth, Payne has shared many snippers of life as a new dad in interviews since Bear was born.

In May 2017, he explained why he and Cheryl chose the name Bear.

“The reason she chose Bear in the end was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room you won’t forget,” he said during a radio interview in the US.

“And I like that. When I look at him he is Bear.” 

He also revealed that Cheryl had already got their five-month-old son into a sleep routine, and said, according to the Mail: ”[Cheryl’s] got him in a sleeping pattern already, we’re getting seven hours of sleep a night.

“He’s super chill.” 

Watch Cheryl on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, Wednesday 13 September from 10.30am.

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