Elf On The Shelf: Parents Warned Not To Put Elf Near Lamps Or Hot Areas After Pictures Show Him 'Scorched'

Don't go near lights with your elf 💡

Parents are being warned about where they place their Elf On the Shelf after one got burned through its back.

The Dublin Fire Brigade tweeted the warning on 12 December as a reminder to keep all elves - and decorations - away from the heat.

“Close one for this #ElfOnAShelf after she ended up on a lamp,” they wrote alongside the photo of the elf.

“The householder had done the right thing and purchased one with a CE mark. The elf resisted heat for 40 minutes.”

Parents have the option to buy different elf toys if they’re taking part in the December tradition, so it’s worth checking whether yours has a CE mark.

A CE mark means it’s a product that conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards sold within the European Economic Area.

Barrie Fire Service in Canada tweeted a similar warning on 8 December, showing further pictures of scorched elves.

“We know that the #elfontheshelf is famous for getting into mischief,” they wrote. “Please make sure you keep it away from anything hot. Lots of burned/scorched damaged elves out there.”

So it’s probably best not to leave your elf like this for too long...

Elves can be bought from a number of different manufacturers.

A spokesperson for Elf on the Shelf® told HuffPost UK: “Santa’s official Scout Elves believe in safety. They avoid getting hurt by keeping a safe distance from the glimmering lights on the Christmas tree, open flames and other sources of heat.

“If you notice a Scout Elf has landed too close to a flame or light, just let him know so he can fly to a new spot.”

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