04/12/2018 16:43 GMT | Updated 04/12/2018 16:47 GMT

Geoffrey Cox’s Face Says It All As MPs Debate Contempt Of Parliament Motion

It seems he's had enough of being in the spotlight.

Geoffrey Cox clearly enjoyed his time in the spotlight on Monday, but it was a different story when MPs debated whether he was in contempt of parliament on Tuesday afternoon.

Cox opened the week by becoming the first attorney-general to address MPs in 40 years, giving a statement on Brexit that culminated in his refusal to publish his legal advice on the matter.

His rousing speech and booming voice won plenty of fans on Twitter but inside the Commons, it was a different story and a cross-party group of MPs triggered an historic ‘contempt of Parliament’ proceedings.

This afternoon it was time to debate the matter and quite frankly, Cox’s face said it all as the lengthy discussion went on:

Praying for help or... erm, snorting his hands? Twitter users had plenty of suggestions for what Cox might have been thinking: 

And there was this vitally important question as well, which we will be looking into as a matter or urgency: 

Cox - Theresa May’s ’s top law officer - could face suspension from the House of Commons for refusing to publish his secret legal advice on her Brexit plans.

Commons Speaker John Bercow announced on Monday night there was ‘an arguable case that a contempt has been committed’ and the emergency debate was scheduled for today.