22/05/2018 14:54 BST

The Surprising And Poignant Backstory To Harry And Meghan's £350,000 Wedding Car

Photographs of the 1968 classic car were seen across the world on Saturday.

The E-type Jaguar used by Prince Harry to drive his new wife Meghan Markle to an evening reception following the Royal wedding has an emotional and little-known history.

Photographs of the 1968 classic car were seen across the world when it was used by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to travel from Windsor Castle to nearby Frogmore House on Saturday evening.

But the poignant backstory of the silver blue Jaguar has now been revealed. The Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare reports that the vehicle previously belonged to tragic former Jamiroquai keyboardist Toby Grafftey-Smith.

Grafftey-Smith died last year aged 46, after living with cancer for a number of years.

Neil Mockford via Getty Images
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are seen leaving Windsor Castle following their wedding in the E-type Jaguar.
STEVE PARSONS via Getty Images
Harry and Meghan emerged from Windsor Castle in a James Bond-esque moment before their lavish evening do at nearby Frogmore House.
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The car had a personalised registration plate based on the date of Saturday's wedding.
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Toby Smith from the band Jamiroquai pictured in 1999.

His widow, Gabriella Crewe-Read told Shakespeare: “The royal wedding car was bought from Toby.

“His brilliance is everywhere.”

Graffety-Smith, known to fans as Toby Smith, was also co-songwriter for the band from 1992 until 2002.

Jamiroquai is known for hits like Virtual Insanity and Cosmic Girl.

The Jaguar E-type, which has been converted to electric power, is a classic said to be worth £350,000.

The car was the centre piece of a James Bond-esque appearance from the new Duke and Duchess on Saturday, as they left the castle for their night do.

And it was while travelling in the Jaguar through Windsor on Saturday that eagle-eyed observers noticed Harry had given Meghan a touching gift.