Jon Snow Reprimanded Over Alleged 'F**k The Tories' Chant At Glastonbury

The journalist's alleged comments divided political opinion.

Jon Snow has been “spoken to and reminded of his responsibilities” by TV bosses after he allegedly chanted “fuck the Tories” at Glastonbury last month.

The veteran journalist faced calls to be sacked after it was claimed he expressed anti-Tory opinion while at the festival.

The Channel 4 News host was pictured at the music festival posing for numerous selfies with fans, including Danny Millea, who tweeted: “Boss place that Glasto. Having a dance with Jon Snow and hearing him shout fuck the tories is what dreams are made of.”

<strong>Jon Snow posing with fans at Glastonbury.</strong>
Jon Snow posing with fans at Glastonbury.

A Channel 4 spokesperson confirmed to HuffPost UK on Sunday: “Jon has been spoken to and reminded of his responsibilities around due impartiality”.

The 69-year-old’s alleged comments divided political opinion.

Andrew Bridgen, Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, told HuffPost UK last week that Snow had espoused his views in a “rude and public way”, thus making his position with the broadcaster “untenable.”

Bridgen told HuffPost UK: “I’ve been interviewed by Channel 4 several times, not by him, but if I am I will be asking him what he means by that comment and I would urge all Conservatives who are to ask what he meant by ‘fuck the Tories’.”

But Labour MP Ben Bradshaw dismissed Bridgen’s calls and spoke out in support of the presenter.

“Jon Snow has won more awards than any other British broadcaster. He interviews politicians without fear or favour. He and Channel Four won’t be worried about this silly call by Mr Bridgen.

“Mr Bridgen spends most of his time calling for people he doesn’t like to resign, including David Cameron in 2013 and the Commons’ highly popular Speaker, John Bercow, last year,” the former BBC journalist told HuffPost UK.

The Ofcom rules about neutrality only relate to what is broadcast or published and have nothing to do with journalists do on their own time.

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