Panto Season Arrives Early On GMB As Senior Minister Promises Boris Johnson Is 'Honest All Of The Time'

“No, I have no idea where he is...Oh, he’s right there.”
Kit Malthouse speaking on Good Morning Britain
Kit Malthouse speaking on Good Morning Britain
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Kit Malthouse promised that Boris Johnson was “honest all of the time” in his own experience while the prime minister was sitting just metres away.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Tuesday when Johnson was making the rest of the government’s media rounds, crime and policing minister Malthouse seemed flustered.

Co-host Alastair Campbell questioned Malthouse on his impression of Johnson, and asked: “Is he honest all the time?”

Malthouse replied: “In my experience, yes he is.”

Johnson has received extensive criticism for his government U-turns and his frequent changes in opinion ranging from his promises to commit to a potential US trade deal to his views on climate change.

Fellow GMB host Susanna Reid interjected: “Are you having to say that because he’s sitting right next you, Mr Malthouse?”

The minister replied: “No, I have no idea where he is...”

The Good Morning Britain camera crew then panned to the prime minister, sitting just metres away from Malthouse.

The minister then added: “Oh, he’s right there.”

Turning back to the interview, Malthouse said: “Is there anything that we can talk about of substance and importance to the British people today?

“I realise, Alastair, you’re there to try and make some political point.”

Campbell was former Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s spin doctor when he was in Downing Street, and is still a prominent critic of the Conservative Party.

Malthouse continued: “I’m not sure everyone would regard you as an impartial observer.”

Talking over Campbell, the minister started gesticulating and said: “If you want to talk about crime or violence, I’m presenting myself to talk about that.”

Despite breaking his two-year hiatus from interviews on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme on Tuesday, the prime minister has not appeared on Good Morning Britain for 1,563 days.

Good Morning Britain’s Ranvir Singh tried to get Johnson to talk to her while she was on the show on Tuesday.

She called out to him at the Conservative conference in Manchester, only for him to turn around and put one hand up before walking off.

The show has repeatedly appealed for the prime minister to speak, but he has refused throughout his time in office.


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