Joker Director Shares Intriguing New Snaps Of Lady Gaga And Joaquin Phoenix In Character

Just when we thought we couldn't get any more excited to see Gaga in action as Harley Quinn...
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
David Livingston via Getty Images

Joker director Todd Phillips had a Valentine’s Day gift for all of us excited for the divisive film’s upcoming sequel.

Despite having our issues with the first Joker film, we’ve been sold on follow-up Folie À Deux ever since it was first reported the would be a musical-of-sorts with Lady Gaga joining Joaquin Pheonix as a new incarnation of Harley Quinn.

Since then, there’ve been plenty of photos from the set to keep us intrigued – with its Oscar-nominated director sharing new photos on Instagram on Wednesday.

Hoping your day is full of love,” he wrote, while confirming Folie À Deux would be hitting cinemas on 4 October this year.

One photo appears to show Gaga’s Harley Quinn visiting the Joker in prison, while another shows the pair in colorful makeup similar to that of the first film.

Although the second Joker movie was initially reported to be a musical, cinematographer Lawrence Sher has clarified that while this is not “per se” the case, the film will heavily feature music.

“The music is part of the film and the characters but I don’t know if it’s a musical,” he claimed. “But yes, there is music.”

Nonetheless, pictures of Gaga on set last year appeared to show her shooting a musical sequence in front of a green screen, while one of Todd Phillips’ new photos depicts the two Oscar winners performing a dance together.

While best known for her work as a singer, Gaga previously took the lead in the films A Star Is Born and House Of Gucci, and won a Golden Globe for her performance in the fifth season of American Horror Story.

She’s previously spoken candidly about her use of Method acting, and it was revealed she once again took this approach for Folie À Deux, much to the confusion of some crew members.


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