19/05/2017 11:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2017 09:16 BST

Best Body-Conditioning Classes In London 2017


With busy schedules and our impatience to reach our fitness goals as quickly as possible, body-conditioning classes are the perfect one-stop shop to help you reach your destination.

Classes typically involves an element of cardio to get your heart pumping and improve fitness, while also focusing on strengthening and toning from head-to-toe.

Body-conditioning can be performed using free weights or other equipment, or simply bodyweight exercises - one thing’s for sure you’ll feel the burn for days.

We’ve rounded up the hottest body-conditioning classes to complement your current exercise routine. 

  • The Method - Third Space
    The Method - Third Space
    Third Space
    The Method is a 45-minute full body conditioning workout using resistance loop bands to tone the arms, legs, glutes and core. 

    The class is based on trisets, where you complete three exercises back-to-back with little to no rest. Each consecutive exercise is performed at a different intensity and speed, working your muscles to maximum capacity and increasing metabolism.

    Whether you're squatting with the resistance band just above your knees (see photo) or completing a series of one-arm kneeled rows by placing the band under the ball of your foot and pulling it with the opposite hand, you're bound to feel the burn by set three. Ouch.

    Third Space is usually members only, but the gym is offering the class for free to non-members as part of their Fitstival, where they will be bringing a series of energetic outdoor classes (also including Yoga, Barre, Ultra Shock Circuits and Metaburn) throughout summer.
  • Signature - Barrecore
    Signature - Barrecore
    The popular Signature class works the entire body, paying particular focus to arms, thighs, seat and core. Barrecore uses your own bodyweight, lightweight props and high repetitions to really feel that burn.

    The class starts with a warm-up, followed by arms and core work, but things quickly turn up a notch as you move to the barre to work the lower body with plies and squats and upper body with press-ups or pull-ups on the barre. Just when you thought you were done, the class ends with an intense ab workout.

    Those wishing to burn fat fast should head to HIITCore, where barre exercises are mixed with drills such as burpees and sprinting on the spot or head to BarreBands to add resistance bands into your regular barre workout.

    Location: Studios in Chelsea, Chiswick, Hampstead, Kensington, Mayfair and Wimbledon.
    Prices: Taster session £20, single session £28, five classes £135, 10 classes £250, 20 classes £480. Other membership packages available.
  • Lift - Frame
    Lift - Frame
    Build your strength and tone up with Lift, Frame’s 45-minute full body workout with weighted barbells. The class will help you decrease your body fat percentage while building lean muscle. What’s more, you will be able to track progress and push yourself as you add more weight to the bar each week.

    Each song has its own routine using a combination of different weight lifting techniques such as deadlifts, lunges and, clean and press. The low-impact cardio class will get your heart-rate pumping without all the jumping around - great for those with joint issues or certain injuries.

    New to weight training? Fear not. This class is suitable for beginners. Instructors take the time to demonstrate each move and explain best form before the class starts. It is also suited to more advanced or stronger lifters, simply add more weight to the bar.

    Think of it like an updated version of body pump, but with a better playlist.

    Location: Studios in Shoreditch, Kings Cross
  • Dynamic Pilates - Heartcore
    Dynamic Pilates - Heartcore
    A reformer may look like torture rack, but it’s such an effective form of exercise that you’ll soon learn why so many love this version of Pilates.

    The bed-like contraption has a moving carriage, held in place by a combination of springs all with resistance levels. Exercises such as lunges and crunches are performed on the reformer, with the added challenge of moving the carriage or keeping it in place - much more fun than your standard bodyweight exercises.

    Heartcore’s high-energy 55-minute class is designed to provide a full body workout in the shortest possible timeframe. Other benefits of the class include improving posture, core strength and flexibility.

    Not only are Heartcore’s custom-made reformers state-of-the-art, but the studios are set in beautiful locations: try St John’s wood in a converted church or Hampstead’s above a railway station with gorgeous arched windows.

    Suitable for all levels: simply adjust the difficulty and tension by using different combinations of springs.

    Location: Studios in Kensington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, Chelsea, Fulham, City, Park Lane and St John’s Wood.
    Prices: Intro offer 4 classes for £40. Single class £27, 5 classes £125, 10 classes £220, 20 classes £400, 40 classes £700.
  • TRX - Core Collective
    TRX - Core Collective
    Core Collective
    TRX straps can be intimidating in the gym, but Core Collective’s newest class promises to show you the ropes (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    The 45-minute class works the entire body with lower/ upper/ core compound exercises.

    It uses some HIIT and plyometrics (jump training) for a metabolic conditioning, with a combination of isometric and functional movement (planks, pikes, mountain climbers - with your feet in the TRX straps) to focus on core control and joint mobility.

    The boutique gym not only has fully-equipped, luxury changing rooms, but you can grab a bite from their kitchen and chill out or work from the large wooden table in the reception area.

    Location: Kensington High Street
    Prices: Taster session £20, single session £28, fours classes £90, 8 classes £170, 16 classes £320, Monthly Unlimited Pass £220 p/m