Mums Bare Their Post-Baby Bodies And Talk About How They Feel About The Changes Post-Birth

'So this is my body after having two babies.'

Five mums have bared their post-baby bodies on camera in a bid to show other mothers that no body is the same - yet they’re all amazing.

Taking their tops off on camera, these five women spoke about the changes their bodies went through after pregnancy in a three-part video series.

In the first clip of the series, the mums highlighted the parts of their bodies that changed, from bigger belly buttons to smaller boobs.

Emily Shaw, mum-of-one, from Wimbledon, London.
Emily Shaw, mum-of-one, from Wimbledon, London.

The mums spoke about the changes they weren’t expecting and the things they love about their post-baby bodies.

And they offered words of encouragement to other mums who may feel a lack of confidence about their bodies.

“As mothers we go through a huge transformation that is positive and you just need to welcome it, embrace it and don’t let anyone put any pressure on you, you’ve got this,” mum-of-two Jenna Rutherford said.

And mum-of-two Sarah Caldwell added: “Don’t rush it, don’t feel that you need to conform, don’t feel that you need to be uncomfortable with your skin, because your body has done something really amazing.”

Watch the full video above and check back to HuffPost UK Parents to see the other two videos in the series, with mums talking about their pregnancy bodies and the expectations they had of their bodies.

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