13/07/2018 11:23 BST | Updated 13/07/2018 13:12 BST

Piers Morgan's Steve Bannon Interview On 'Good Morning Britain' Faces Criticism

He's since explained himself on, you guessed it, Twitter.

Piers Morgan has been accused of hypocrisy, following an interview with former Trump advisor Steve Bannon during Friday’s ‘Good Morning Britain’.

As you may recall, the breakfast TV presenter and former talent show judge faced criticism earlier this week, following an interview with journalist Ash Sarkar.

Ash was on the show to talk about the anti-Trump demonstrations taking place during the POTUS’s first UK visit and in a clip posted on the official ‘GMB’ Twitter page, Piers waited just six seconds before interrupting his guest.

Let’s revisit that clip before we go any further, shall we?

A day later, Piers - who doesn’t usually appear on ‘GMB’ on Fridays, but made a special exception this week - sat down with Steve Bannon, and as you can see from this clip, allowed him to speak for a full 40 seconds about Brexit, Trump and “elitism”.

After comparing both Ash Sarkar and Steve Bannon’s ‘GMB’ appearances, many viewers have taken issue with Piers’ differing interview techniques, suggesting he’s displayed biased towards the US President, with whom he developed a friendship when he was a contestant on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’:

Piers has responded with his own explanation of why he gave Bannon an easier time than other guests, insisting: “Bannon answered questions. There is no need to continue demanding answers if guests do that.”

Friday’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ was initially supposed to feature an interview with the journalist and political commentator Owen Jones, though he was uninvited a day before the show following an online war of words with Piers.

This is the second time in a matter of weeks that Piers has cancelled a guest’s appearance following a Twitter row, having done the same to singer/songwriter Lily Allen after a disagreement over a gun-shaped necklace she wore during a recent live performance.