Which Tory Leadership Candidate Has The Best Instagram Game?

We dish out awards from 'best hi-vis' to 'Masterchef'.
For the gram: Tory leader contenders have uploaded snaps to Instagram.
For the gram: Tory leader contenders have uploaded snaps to Instagram.

The Tories haven’t the best reputation when it comes to Instagram, the party’s efforts in 2017 being an object lesson in how not to do social media.

But times change, and so do party leaders. For candidates in the ongoing Conservative race to replace Theresa May, their online presence is an opportunity to provide us with an insight into their psyche.

So here’s how the contenders stack up on the photo-sharing platform.

Boris Johnson

The former foreign secretary, and current frontrunner, has a blue tick, but his posts lack the “Juno” filter finesse that Instagram craves.

What’s more, Johnson seems to struggle to look directly into the correct camera.

Posts: 41

Followers: 28,500

Verified: Yes

Award: Best hi-vis

Runner-up: Best dog – Luna, from Peterborough

Michael Gove

The environment secretary’s Instagram account is lightly branded, and includes the hashtag ”#Gove4PM”.

But he has few followers and his photos lack a “personal” quality. It’s all business here.

Posts: 31

Followers: 2,739

Verified: No

Award: Best for the planet – banning plastic straws

Jeremy Hunt

The foreign secretary might not have a sizeable following either, but he uses his account to boast of his encounters with celebs.

An impressive array of A-listers adorn his feed, including Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Prince William, and, well, Donald Trump.

Posts: 83

Followers: 3,422

Verified: Yes

Award: Hollywood Hall of Fame

Rory Stewart

Social media star Stewart has an eclectic feed which champions his walking tour of Britain.

Posts: 286

Followers: 7,140

Verified: Yes

Award: The great outdoors – green fields and blue skies a plenty

Sajid Javid

The home secretary’s Insta shows he loves a good grin and thumbs up photo.

But Javid’s feed lacks a community feel – he doesn’t reply to numerous comments asking about visa applications.

Posts: 234

Followers: 5,693

Verified: Yes

Award: Best #tenyearchallenge

Dominic Raab

Not on Insta.

And as for those who have since been eliminated or who have withdrawn from the contest...

Andrea Leadsom - ELIMINATED

An Insta enthusiast, Leadsom posts frequently about her family in a “proud mum” sort of way.

Her posts are incredibly wholesome and include the hashtags ”#loveAutumn” and ”#lovefamilyholidays”.

Posts: 192

Followers: 3,288

Verified: Yes

Award: Best doggo – with the lovely Lottie beating out Boris Johnson’s entry

Matt Hancock - WITHDRAWN

As a former culture secretary, you’d think Hancock would be the envy of colleagues with his Insta game. And with 571 posts, he’s the most prolific user of the top contenders.

The health secretary’s feed also includes some rather seductive shots of scrumptious-looking food, but we’re just not sure about the calorie count.

Posts: 571

Followers: 3,952

Verified: Yes

Award: Masterchef


Since arriving on Instagram two weeks ago, McVey has gained 672 followers.

But the small readership has done little to dissuade her – and her team – from throwing themselves into producing content for the feed.

Posts: 18

Followers: 672

Verified: Yes

Award: Best newcomer

Mark Harper - ELIMINATED

Not on Insta.

This article was updated on 14 June to reflect those candidates who had been eliminated or who had withdrawn. Follower figures correct as at 12 June.


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