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Joanna Lumley has entered the debate on casual sexism, claiming modern women are ‚Äútoo sensitive‚ÄĚ. The ‚ÄėAbsolutely Fabulous
'You’re working with a lot of very professional actresses.'
Naomi Campbell’s diva behaviour is as legendary as her three-decade long modelling career, so it would take a very brave
Jennifer Saunders may have only just finished drafting the script for the ‚ÄėAbsolutely Fabulous‚Äô film, though it seems she
Jennifer Saunders has revealed new details about the upcoming ‚ÄėAbsolutely Fabulous‚Äô film, that she's currently writing. Jennifer
‚ÄėAbsolutely Fabulous‚Äô fans can put the bolly on ice, as Jennifer Saunders has reportedly confirmed that she‚Äôs writing an
This is simply the work of a surly photographer imposing into another celebrity's private life; the photograph was taken on a backstreet while Jennifer was shopping with a friend, she didn't spark up live on stage or television. Celebrity or otherwise, how Jennifer deals with her post-cancer recovery is her business. And hers alone.
Jennifer Saunders has criticised cancer survivors who wear the disease "as a badge", because it is "a job you don't have
Her character in 'Absolutely Fabulous' might love a drink or ten but that doesn't mean Joanna Lumley thinks it's a good look