The foreign nationals were rescued from the water by the RNLI.
Theresa May’s latest party political broadcast demonstrates the “chaos” in government over Brexit as it features the Port
What does this year hold for the urban innovation agenda in the UK? Like many others, I completely failed to predict the Brexit vote or the Trump Presidency. But I'm having another go at the crystal ball gazing this year because I still think it's useful to speculate about - and prepare for - the future. So, here are my five predictions for UK cities in 2017.
The proposed closures have been blamed on post-Brexit 'unknowns'.
Jamie Oliver is to close six of his Italian restaurants amid pressures caused by an uncertain economy post-Brexit vote, the
When I first heard about Hygge, I didn't really see the relevance of it. So Danish people celebrate cosiness, who cares? But the more I look into this concept, the more I realise it encapsulates all that is good and healthy for the development of individuals, and of businesses.
Three other people got into difficulty in the sea but survived.
A mother and son have died in hospital after a “tragic incident” at Aberdeen beach. The emergency services were called to