Abortion law

As we mark the Isle of Man legalising abortion, and a year since Ireland voted to repeal the 8th Amendment, the government must take inspiration from them and bring about safe, legal abortion in Northern Ireland.
"We’re really facing a moment of regression on women’s access to basic rights."
The reality TV star spoke out following the introduction of strict new laws in a series of US states.
The Alabama Senate passed a bill which close to bans abortion in the state, making the procedure only available if a woman’s health is at serious risk. The punishment for doctors performing abortions is 99 years or life in prison. Senators rejected an exception for rape and incest. The bill has been written with such strong terms so that it will be challenged and pushed to the Supreme Court. Since the swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh the bench of judges has a conservative majority. The Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal across the country in the landmark Roe v Wade case in 1975. Bills like this seek to overturn that ruling, to give states the right to decide their own abortion laws.
Pro-choice activists said they will go to court over a controversial bill which was signed into Georgia law on May 7. The HB481 bill bans abortions where a foetal heartbeat is detectable, which can happen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Similar laws have been passed in Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi this year. Alabama’s state senate has delayed a vote on a similar bill following disagreements on the senate floor.
"It's time for every woman in Northern Ireland to be treated with respect – not just Arlene Foster."
I want to live in a world where each and every woman has the power to determine what happens to her body and her future
From January, we will have abortion services in Ireland, and women and girls will finally be looked after by their own country
The UK's “outdated" abortion laws and cuts to legal aid are in the spotlight.
A mother who obtained abortion pills for her 15-year-old daughter has mounted a legal challenge against prosecution.